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John le Carre

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Learning Journeys

What is a learning journey?


A learning journey is a unique opportunity for senior directors to meet, learn from, identify with and establish business relationships with the most successful companies on the planet.


Learning journeys have been proven to enhance the competitiveness of participating companies through learning directly from the experience of other companies that are recognised internationally as being ‘ best in class’.


Our Learning Journeys include a dynamic mixture of carefully chosen visits to leading edge companies and entrepreneurs. The visits are specifically chosen to challenge people’s mental models about business today and in the future. They are stimulating and regenerative. A greater sense of personal mastery often emerges alongside a renewed sense of purpose and will to try new things. Participants often describe the

‘magic’ of the experience and the power of the shared learning experience.


Learning Journeys are customised to surface, test and shift key assumptions about the future of business. Learning Journeys educate, inspire, catalyse and transform individuals. They can illuminate new strategic directions, jumpstart innovation, processes, contextualise risk, or open the minds of top talent.


Strategem have designed and delivered over sixty Learning Journeys focussing on leading edge best practice to the USA, Europe and Asia. Host companies visited have included: Microsoft, Apple, Intel, eBay, Google, Yahoo, Oracle, Adobe, Sun, Cisco Systems, Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM, Stanford, MIT, Forester Research, Xerox, Starbucks, Boeing, Autodesk, Cisco and dozens of others.


Learning journeys have been to be outstanding opportunity for company executives to obtain first-hand perspectives and to assess the impacts and opportunities for their businesses in European and International markets.

In the last 12 months over 60 UK companies have invested the time to re-energise their business, with over 50 of those implementing fundamental changes to their overall strategies and internal processes.

"I would highly recommend these learning journeys to any senior manager of a fast growing company or even a start up."
                                                                                              Flycke UK Ltd


"Highly informative and very well organised. Some highlights for me wee visits to LinkedIn - meeting someone senior who was so willing to share his experiences so honestly; Stanford University - very insightful, thought provoking talk.  Just to get a general feel for the eco system of companies within Silicon Valley"
                                                                                       One Bright Space


" Excellent learning experience, meetings with extraordinary inspirational people with a group of people who make you think about how you are working. This is potentially revolutionary in its impact on my business it has moved me from the small picture to the global picture in a day. This is what business development support should be about. Watch what this does for my business in the next 12 months."
                                                                                  Sustainable Thinking

"Informative, Inspiring, an eye opener to USA business practice. Excellent management of the tour has been crucial in enjoying the overall experience”                                                         Alba Ultrasound


"A great experience. It was really interesting to hear some interesting comments from different industries about economical impact and creativity in business.  Additionally it was inspiring group of delegates who were great with ideas flowing from every direction.’                                                                                                         DADA


“Outstanding, eye opening, inspirational, motivating and challenging.  Give me more”
                                                                                                   GAEL Ltd


“To obtain a wider appreciation of different views, opinions and business practices from some of the world’s leading companies was fantastic!”                                                                                     Kwik Fit


“The experience of a lifetime! To have access to such world-class companies and do it all in the company of a great bunch of people was excellent. Weeks after getting back I’m still buzzing with ideas and information”.

General Electric


 “I would not hesitate to recommend to others or to participate in a future Learning Journey. The visit was immensely enjoyable as well as being hard work; a lot of ground covered in a packed itinerary”.

Kwik Fit Financial Services

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