Organisational Development

Strategem believe that businesses in the UK need to succeed at an international level to achieve strong and sustainable economic growth. Critical to this is encouraging companies to develop greater workplace innovation and a structured approach to Organisational Development, aligning a company’s growth objectives with its people, skills and talent priorities in order to drive improved competitiveness and productivity growth.


Organisational Development (OD) is about improving performance at the individual, group and organisational levels. It is about improving the organisation’s ability to effectively respond to changes in its external environment and it’s about increasing internal capabilities through ensuring the organisational structures, human resources systems, job designs, communication systems and leadership/managerial processes fully harness human motivation and help people function to their full potential.


OD is a broad topic, which incorporates many different areas, however at its core it essentially focuses on helping a business build sustainable organisational performance and growth through it’s people.  A primary, though not exclusive, goal of OD is to improve organisational effectiveness.

Strategem have a proven OD track record as we have successfully developed and delivered over 400 organisational development interventions to the UK’s leading organisations.  This work has included:


  • Development of Vision and Values

  • Change management programmes

  • Employee Engagement programmes

  • Market development and sales

  • Culture change programmes

  • Performance management, rewards and recognition

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Designing and embedding performance management processes

  • Talent assessments, Talent Pipelines and Talent Management Frameworks

  • Review and redesign of organisational structures

  • Job analysis and role design

  • Leadership development – training, coaching and mentoring 

  • Management development – training, coaching and mentoring

  • Workforce development

  • Team development and performance

  • Competency frameworks and competency assessment

  • Scenario Planning

  • Total reward programme structuring

  • HR System design


Our consultants are also practitioners in a wide range of best practice organisational and people development tools which we use appropriately while working with clients: For example:


  • Myers Briggs Personality type indicator (MBTI)

  • Strength Deployment Inventory

  • ExecutiveView360

  • Facet 5 - Identifying Personality Traits

  • BarOn EQi 2.0 (Emotional Quotient Inventory) MHS

  • BarOn EQ-360 (Emotional Quotient 360) MHS

  • Hogan HPI (Hogan Personality inventory)

  • Hogan HDS (Hogan Development Survey)

  • Hogan MVPI (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory)

  • Hogan HBRI (Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory)

  • OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire)












Recent Clients:
  • Scottish Enterprise

  • Highlands and Islands Enterprise

  • Arthur J Gallagher Insurance

  • James Jones

  • Browns Food Group

  • LECA Dental

  • AMRI International

  • Cigna International

  • Capital Documents Solutions

  • GCSS Ltd

  • New Lanark Trust

  • Pacific Building Ltd

  • Cambo Country House and Estate

  • Lawrie IP

  • Anderson, Anderson and Brown Consulting

  • Covey Befriending

  • Parsley Box

  • Scott and Fyfe

  • Indigo group

  • Lawrie and Symington

  • Surelift UK

  •  Bibliographic Data Services

  • Aqualife Services

  • IQA Group

  • TBR Global

  • Bio Reliance Ltd

  • Whyte & Mackay

  • Dupont Teijen Films

  • Lambert Contracts

  • Cairndale Hotel

  • Scot Badge

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