Strategem are one of the most experienced strategy consultancies in Scotland. We have had the pleasure of assisting over three hundred Scottish companies develop their strategy to effectively compete in today’s global marketplace.


Strategem uses a unique, innovative and proprietary product known as ‘Hoshin  Planning’. This is a strategic process developed by Strategem in conjunction with Cranfield University and is acknowledged as a best practice approach for engaging with a senior management team to address key strategic issues.


The Hoshin Planning approach is based on the premise that even the best ideas for strategic development fail if they are not effectively articulated into a concise strategy, which is effectively deployed.  The sessions are not only information but are

highly interactive and participative.


The Hoshin Plan process articulates the strategy via the selection of the ‘Vital Few’ (as opposed to the trivial many!), those absolute priority goals that are agreed by the senior team as critical to delivering the business objectives. In essence, the logic is to focus on a small number of critical strategic business issues and ensure that they are effectively implemented.


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What our clients say:

‘Thank you again for an excellent workshop. It fills us all with a great deal of energy and confidence”   

Quipu TV


‘Thanks for today's session, we really enjoyed the workshop and diving into the things that matter - its so important for a small business such as ours to get support and benefit from your experience and know-how”

Emerge Adapt


‘My impression of the course is very favourable, the content was fantastic especially in regards to the various sources of help that is actually available for International Development. The onus is really on us now to make use of that resource for us to grow the business.

The format used was also very easily followed - especially in the afternoon session where the tasks we carried out rolled onto the next section which made it logical for us to follow what was going on. Other training courses I’ve been on have been a bit disparate but this was not.


Also John’s presentation style was very engaging – you feel involved and it helps you take more in and makes the course time fly by as well which for me is a measure of how well it has went. He had also done some research into our business and the market which makes it feel personal other than just someone delivering a standard session

All in all a great day with lots of tasks and actions for us to be getting on with....!!!






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