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Leadership Training & Organisational Development

Leadership Training & Organisational Development : Services

At Strategem, our vision is to help businesses grow and be successful by attracting, retaining, managing and developing the best current and future talent.


Our mission is to provide the right operational and strategic people solutions and services to enable businesses to fulfil their potential. 


What We Believe:

We believe in the power of people and positive productive teams, which is why we’re one of the top companies in the UK to work for. The result? We’ve a brilliant passionate team on tap; ready to help you make the most of your people.


People are most business’s biggest asset (and cost). Managed well, businesses can benefit from increased profits and happier customers. Our job is to help achieve this.


How can we Help:

We offer a wide range of proprietary tools and services that support every element of leadership training and organisational development including:

  • Organisational restructure, change and redundancies

  • Development of vision and values

  • Change management programmes

  • Building and managing employee engagement programmes

  • Designing and embedding bespoke performance management processes

  • Design of bespoke talent management frameworks, including talent assessments and pipelines.

  • Review and redesign of organisational structures

  • Job analysis and role design

  • Bespoke leadership and management development – training, coaching and mentoring

  • Team development and performance

  • Total reward programmes​​

  • Design and implementation of HR policy and procedures to ensure compliance with employment law

  • Contracts, contractual queries and disputes

  • Training and advice for leaders and managers in many aspects of employment law relating to all levels and aspects of business.

  • Absence management

  • Working time regulations

  • Organisational structure and role profile design 

  • Succession planning 

  • HR structure and effective delivery models for all sizes of business 

  • Design and implementation of competency-based performance management and development and assessment

  • Compensation and reward structures 

  • Innovative onboarding and employee retention methods

  • Employer branding and the employee value proposition

  • Talent acquisition and management

Working Together

Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.

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